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The following is the full text of the announcement of 360: Some criminals use 360 cloud disk storage file, the spread of illegal piracy for profit, dissemination of pornographic information and other criminal acts occurred frequently, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, more to the society brought great harm. The Mac Photos app, imports the the 360 Panorama pictures without problem but while viewing them, it shows the panorama picture as a simple flat image. I want to know if there is any hidden feature to view a 360 panorama pictures as a rounded sphere. If there isn't any, It this going to be addressed as a new feature for near future? About Yunpan by Qihu 360, their official speaking is: Every new customer can have 18G of Initial capacity for free, and by doing some simple tasks or luck draw, you can extended capacity for more, and it's totally enough to keep 30000 working document, 6000 pictures.


360 Yunpan For Mac Os

Baidu, a Chinese internet services company is offering 2 TB free cloud storage space to any customer who signs up for its Baidu Pan (Baidu Cloud Network Disk). For the uninformed, Baidu is a Chinese language search giant that dominates the search market in China. Baidu has around sixty percent market share in China.

360 Yunpan For Mac

360 Yunpan For Macbook

2 TB or 2048 GB cloud storage may sound a lot less when compared to the other Chinese cloud storage services we have previously shared with you. But, the 2 TB free cloud storage from Baidu is still much more than what its western counterparts offer. You can store around 600,000 photos or 30,000 hours of music or 500 DVDs on your 2 TB cloud storage.

360 Yunpan For Mac

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How To Get 2 TB Free Cloud Storage Space On Baidu Pan?

360 Yunpan For Macbook Air

1. Go to pan.baidu.com and click at the bottom of the log-in form to go to the signup page or go directly here to signup for the Baidu Pan.

2. The first field on the signup form is your email id or phone number, the second field is your password and the third field is a Captcha, which luckily is in English. Your password should range from 6 to 14 characters and can contain alphabets, numbers and special characters.

3. After you have signed up for the Baidu Pan account, a verification email is sent to your email id. Verify the email and you are done with the signup process.

4. To get the 2 TB free cloud storage space you need to download Baidu Pan’s mobile client and log-in to it. You can download the iPhone app from here, the iPad app from here and the Android app from here.

5. To log-in to Baidu Pan’s mobile client, tap on the highlighted blue box and enter your email id and password.

360 yunpan for macbook airYunpan

360 Yunpan For Macbook Pro

6. Now, log-in to pan.baidu.com and click on the link shown in the image below.

7. To claim your 2 TB free cloud storage, click on the red image that has 2048G on it. That’s it, you have claimed your 2 TB free cloud storage from Baidu Pan.

You can now do whatever you like with your 2 TB free cloud storage space from Baidu Pan (Baidu Cloud Network Drive). Do not forget to check out the other Chinese cloud storage services too.