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RandomControl has released ArionFX for Photoshop 3.5, the latest update to its Photoshop add-on for processing HDR images, adding support for 32-bit colour grading and a range of new lens effects.

  • RandomControl has released a new version of ArionFX for Photoshop with a revamped interface and many new and improved features, including: A brand new set of 32 bit tools for color correction. Ability to zoom and pan the preview, or work at 1:1. Ability to force ArionFX to work at real size. Vastly improved despeckler speed.
  • ArionFX for Photoshop is usually set up in the C:Program FilesRandomControlArionFX for Photoshop folder, but this location can vary a lot depending on the user's choice while installing the application. The full command line for removing ArionFX for Photoshop is C:Program FilesRandomControlArionFX for Photoshopuninstall.exe.

First released in 2014, the software performs a range of common tasks, including tonemapping, noise removal and post effects, on both photographic and CG images – for example, to remove firefly artefacts in renders.

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Hello everybody, Can anyone guide me regarding ARIS Express installation on MAC, as it is not supported on MacOS, any other way to install it? I shall be very much grateful in this regard. ArionFX allows you to select the colorspace embedded in the file as well as the colorspace to use for the final output independently. Respecting the input and output colorspaces ensures that the output file seamlessly matches any pre or post-production workflow.

New 32-bit grading tools, improved colour management
The main change this time around is that the software’s support for 32-bit data has been extended to grading.

The new colour grading toolset works on all channels of an image at once, or selectively and non-destructively on shadows, midtones and highlights.

Users can also select the colour space embedded in a file and that to use for final output independently.


New lens effects and improved output previews
There are also a range of new lens effects, including HDR upcast, shown in the video above, which enables users to pump up glare or bloom effects beyond the levels permitted by the dynamic range of a source image.

The software also now supports custom aperture, dirt and obstacle maps – the latter a new map type that simulates “dust, scratches or any trace on the lens that perturbs the glare”,

Other changes include the option to preview output at actual size and to pan and zoom the preview, plus a number of performance improvements. You can read a full list via the link below.

Pricing and availability
ArionFX for Photoshop 3.5 is available now for 64-bit editions of Photoshop CS3 to CC 2015.5, running on Windows only. It costs €95 (around $107).

Read a full list of new features in ArionFX for Photoshop 3.5

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Arionfx For Mac Os

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