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Blender is a free video editing software for Mac and free 3D rendering program, which features the best list of animation essentials such as modeling, rigging, interface, animation, shading, UV unwrapping, real time 3D game creation, and so on. It is a universal app that does not need much space. Unfortunately, beginners may face some difficulties using this free video editing software for Mac because of its inconvenient interface and a few YouTube tutorials. Learn more about the best computer for video editing before making a purchase. Movavi Video Editor For Mac. Movavi is a video editor application for the Mac that has a free version as well as a more full-featured Pro alternative. It runs on the Mac OS X 10.7 or later and is an easy to learn editing tool that can be mastered in well under an hour. Let’s take a look at the features included in this powerful editing software. The mac photo editing app supports more than fifteen file types and formats, including PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW and some other less popular ones as well. Photoshop Elements. With complete control over Image composition (from the contrast to brightness), Photoshop Elements is one of the Best Photo Editing Software for Mac. Verdict: The licensed version of Pixelmator is widely perceived as of the best photo editing apps for Mac from third-party developers.It features an easy-to-navigate interface with a set of basic features that will make your workflow easier. An amazing feature that Pixelmator Pro offers is the naming of layers imported from external files by their content.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Best video editing apps for Mac Advanced Pro users
  • 2 Best Video Editing Apps for Mac Semi-Pro Users
  • 3 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners (Mac OS)
  • 4 Video Editing Software for Mac (Premium)
    • 4.2 Adobe Premiere Pro

An immense number of best video editing apps for Mac OS are available online for free and even a few premium versions at budget-friendly prices or subscriptions. Here I am going to list out various best video editing apps for Mac OS for advanced users, semi-pros and beginners.

Today let’s see a brief description of a wide range of video editing apps, assisting you in learning how they work, compatible input-output formats and basic pros and cons.

I want to divide apps based on the user Mac professional expertise helping you to choose the best video editing apps for Mac OS.

Best video editing apps for Mac Advanced Pro users

First, let’s start with advanced video editing apps for pro users with high-end features and offering professional output videos. Here goes the list of professional video editing tools handy to all Mac users, regardless of budget.


Lightworks is a fantastic video editing app offering you both free and paid versions. The free version has limited options like video effects, multi-cam editing, titling and even multi-layered timeline technique fulfilling almost advanced video editing requirements.

Light work is the most professional video editor for Macbook providing quick and easy editing, like trimming a clip to interested size, adding real-time effects, including voice-overs and even correcting colors. Light work may look a bit complex editing app for beginners, who are new to high-end editors but this offers both simple and complex versions supporting a massive number of file formats and offering most top-quality options like 3D, Blue-ray, 4K, etc.


  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Supports MPEG-2, AVC, RED R3D, DPX, Apple Pro Resolution input formats, and MPEG4/H.264 output format
  • The best editor in the world offering Proxy for 4K


  • Lightweight packing
  • A lot of advanced features like Multicam support for video editing
  • Access to royalty-free video and audio content to add to your projects


  • Limited library options in the free edition
  • The free version is available only for seven days; if you want to continue further, you need to register.
  • The free version offers output only up to 1080p on Vimeo and 720p on YouTube

Davinci Resolve

One of the professional video editor for Mac Owners available for free installation. Davinci Resolve is the best video editing app for Mac OS, specially designed for correcting audio and video, editing and adjusting.

The Free version is as best as the paid version, with a set of pro tools for free and 3840 X 2160 UHD resolution. Few filters, lens blur, and lens flare are available for paid users without watermarking, whereas free users get them along with watermark.

Compatible with Input formats MP4, MOV, MTS, AVI, etc. and output formats QuickTime, AVI, R3D, MXF, DPX.


  • Best video post-production solution
  • Add high-quality grading or color correction to your video by installing the basic free version
  • A studio version with extensive collaboration and workflow tools for paid users.
  • Exclusive timeline curve function to edit a specific scene


  • Top features like Advanced trimming, multi-cam editing, audio mastering for video editing
  • Professional video output with 3D editing particle systems and advanced color grading
  • The learning curve is not much steep


Not user-friendly single screen editing workflow.

Best Video Editing Apps for Mac Semi-Pro Users


Well known as KDE Non-Linear Video Editor, Kdenlive is an open-source video editing app for Mac OS supporting a vast range of video and audio formats. Smooth video editing experience is offered by Kdenlive, easy to export your edited videos to DVD device and exclusive tools to edit large videos without any problem.

Easy to use features and high flexibility helps even users with minimum video editing knowledge to edit their favorite videos.


Best youtube editing apps for mac
  • Support a wide range of formats AVI, QuickTime, Flash Video, MPEG and WMV
  • Best open-source software
  • Allows you to add files to software’s multitrack timeline


  • Kdenlive is compatible with Linux too
  • Supports many popular media formats
  • Kdenlive allows editing different audio and video files at a time.


  • Have some interface complexities, making it difficult to use.
  • Not a friendly video editing app for green hands.


Excellent free video editing app for Mac OS with advanced features to make and edit professional videos. Useful animation tools and excellent animations features including rigging, shading, modelling, interface, texturing, UV unwrapping, water, and smoke simulations, etc. for both added users and beginners.


  • Free 3D rendering program featuring best animation essentials list
  • Professional 3D quality, features ideal for 3D graphic artists and designers are available for free


  • Blender is versatile, performing many different tasks and is a lightweight video editing app
  • Free 3D graphics application with lots of advanced features like animation tools and modelling tools.


  • A bit difficult for beginners to manage this software
  • Not everyone knows the usage of a massive array of features

Best Video Editing Software for Beginners (Mac OS)

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is an outstanding video editing app that is available with every new Mac OS for free. Quality video editing is now in the hands of every Mac owner and even to beginners. iMovie is highly compatible with all Apple devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Mini too. Using Apple iMovie, you can import your videos, edit 4K video clips, add effects and audio of your choice.

iMovie supports extensive range Audio and video input/output formats offering broad compatibility.


  • Video can be imported to Mac using FireWire interface or through USB
  • Includes top features like an audio editing, movie trailer themes and one step effect
  • Tons of sound effects, transitions, and title styles are available to create your great movies


  • Mac owners can directly download it for free from your Mac App store
  • Create amazing movie trailers like cinema style in few seconds.
  • It includes basic color correction choices and the latest video enhancement tools too.


  • Although rich in features, iMovie effect options are not much comprehensive
  • Limited output controls


Avidemux is a popular video editing app for Mac OS for free to cut, Filter and encode your videos. Avidemux supports a variety of audio, video and image formats offering high compatibility with many formats. It is the best video editor for beginners, being simple and providing a user-friendly interface.


  • Support different video formats like DVD, MPEG, AVI, etc. and audio formats such as WAV, AAC, MP3, and many others.
  • It provides filters like a color correction to make beautiful videos and even allows for cutting ads from tv recording and saving your favorite video part.


  • Beginners can easily install as its open-source and edit video files without any inconvenience
  • A detailed tutorial provided for first-time users
  • Avidemux allows you to perform quick edits and ideal for creating new videos and encode existing videos


  • The exporting process takes longer time
  • Limited features and editing tools


Amazing open-source video editor for MAC OS, which is easy to use for beginners. OpenShot provides advanced features like audio mixing, unlimited layers and editing tools such as scaling, snapping, clip resizing and rotation. Also, include great features like templates for titles, move background of your video recording and slow-motion effects.


  • Easily create 3D animated titles, support unlimited tracks of different languages
  • The excellent free version of Mac owners with easy gripping video editing techniques
  • The open shot editor can show waveforms while editing your videos and you can also trim your videos easily and quickly


  • The free version offers built-in animations and effects
  • Powerful open source video editor
  • High-end video editing features and easy interface


  • Video tutorials are not available for beginners, so tricky to navigate
  • Not compatible with many audio and video formats
  • Have some bugs, so crashes often

Video Editing Software for Mac (Premium)

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Few premium video editing apps are available for Mac OS at premium prices. These are advanced video editors with lots of advanced features and effects. Only a Mac Pro can handle and make use of every setting. You can learn guidelines online or youtube.

Filmora Video Editor

Best Editing Apps For Acer

Filmora is an exclusive premium video editing app for Mac OS including plenty of options like tilting options, premium effects and studio controls. You can import clips from your Mac’s hard drive or social media accounts or even from your camera to Filmora video editor and experience easy video editing.


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  • Filmora is an all in one video editor with all video editing tools and video converter options.
  • A premium feature like Lighting preset option is available to enhance the screen presence of Gam of Thrones, star wars, etc. with just a button click.
  • Fully compatible with all latest Mac OS versions including 10.6 or later and support all audio, video and image formats.


Dedicated video editor offering best editing solutions


  • Peculiar interface, not much user-friendly.
  • It takes some time to get used when compared to other video editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editor option for Mac owners offering standard and professional setting options. Best editing option for designers and developers to perform lots of useful actions. Adobe Premiere Pro is inbuilt with Video organizations tools, timeline, and traditional nonlinear video editing settings.


  • Full range of color correction tools, effects, audio editing options, etc.
  • Great support for multiple audio, video formats and user required output options
  • Specially designed for Mac, a part of Adobe Creative Suite


High compatibility with a wide range of audio and video formats

A massive package of features and options


  • Offer render performance on high-end Mac devices
  • High budget subscription cost
  • Need technical experience to deal with professional features


I hope, you got the list of best video editing apps for Mac OS along with features, pros, and cons. Most of the video editing apps are free of cost, few are of subscriptions, and few are of paid. Choose the best video editor to improve your videos, edit and convert to your style.

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