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How to make an easy hot apple cider with spices. Make this spiced cider from scratch with the stove or a crockpot or slow cooker. This is the best warm drink for fall! Serve this homemade recipe for mulled apple cider instead of punch at a party. DIY easy drinks for a crowd or just for one. Store leftovers in the fridge for a week. #applecider #fall #drink #apples. Download Cider for free. Cider is a respository for first class Java Swing frameworks written for Mac OS X. Apple cider is the secret ingredient that makes the most incredible moist pork tenderloin! The marinade does double duty as an incredible glaze / sauce, which means few ingredients are required to make this Apple Cider Glazed Pork Tenderloin that's worthy of a posh dinner party! This recipe calls for 8 cups of your apple cider (you can use the recipe above) into the slow cooker along with 1 cup of caramel syrup and little bit of lemon juice. You also add in one vanilla bean (or the scrapings from inside), two cinnamon sticks and some allspice in a cheesecloth package. Place cider and brown sugar in a 3-qt. Slow cooker; stir until sugar dissolves. Place orange slices on top. Cover and cook on low for 2-3 hours or until heated through. Discard spice bag.

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Crisp apples from the Hawke’s Bay provide both the clouds & the silver lining in this refreshing cider from Mac’s.


6 pack 330ml bottles, 12 pack 330ml bottles, on tap. Alcohol by Volume 4.7%. 1.2 Standard drinks per 330ml bottle.

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Michigan Cider Mill Guide

This is a classically cloudy traditional style cider, smooth upfront with a fresh, slightly tangy finish. Fresh from the fridge, it’s so crisp you could take a bite out of it.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Information

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Cider For Mac
ABV (%)4.7
Standard Drinks1.2
Dietary FibreNA
Get reintroduced TransGaming Announces Cider
7:31 AM Tuncer Deniz 70 comments

TransGaming today announced Cider, a software portability engine for Apple’s Intel based Macs that the company promises will change the landscape of Mac gaming. With Cider, video game developers and publishers can deploy their Windows-based titles on Apple’s new Intel Mac - quickly, easily, and without the need for traditional porting.

Here's more from the press release:

TransGaming’s Cider portability engine will serve as a tremendous asset to video game developers and publishers by allowing them to release a Windows and Mac version of their titles simultaneously, eliminating the need for time consuming and expensive porting. Cider represents a huge win-win for Mac gamers and developers/publishers: it quenches the thirst for more games on Mac and increases the revenue opportunities for publishers through the increased distribution of their titles on the rapidly growing Intel Mac platform.

“TransGaming’s Cider product will change the landscape of the Mac gaming market. Mac gamers have always patiently waited many months for access to only a handful of titles. With Cider, game developers and publishers can easily extend their triple A portfolio to Intel Mac without any effort or delay which means that avid Mac gamers will have access to triple A video games coincidental with the Windows release”, said Vikas Gupta, President and CEO of TransGaming.

The Cider portability engine is targeted at video game developers and publishers and TransGaming already has agreements in place with a number of the top tier video game publishers to bring their titles to the Intel Mac. Mac gamers can expect the release of these titles in the next few months.

Here's a bit more info about how Cider works:
Cider is a sophisticated portability engine that allows Windows games to be run on Intel Macs without any modifications to the original game source code. Cider works by directly loading a Windows program into memory on an Intel-Mac and linking it to an optimized version of the Win32 APIs. Games are simply wrapped up in the Cider engine and they work on the Mac. This means developers only have one code base to maintain while keeping the ability to target multiple platforms. Cider powered games use the same copy protection, lobbies, game matching and connectivity as the original. All this means less work and lower costs. Cider is targeted at game developers and publishers and, unlike Cedega, is not an end user product.
Could the end of porting be really at hand? We'll have more on Cider in the coming days. Until then, check out official Cider web site below.
TransGaming's Cider
Cider press for macMac
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Cider For Mac

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