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  • I just bought Premiere Elements 11 and would like to edit some video produced by a screen capture program. The capture program is called Bandicam, and according to the VLC video player, the video codec is 'mpeg 1/2'. The actual file type is AVI. When i try to import this file, Premiere Elements says.
  • Realtime 8K editing in Adobe Premiere CC 2019 Video: Daniel2 vs the other Codecs in Adobe Premiere See a short demo of Daniel2 in action compared with the usual suspects: Apple ProRes, AVID DNxHD, Sony XAVC, etc.

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Media Encoder can natively decode and encode QuickTime files using the GoPro CineForm codec on both Mac OS X and Windows systems. This means you can work efficiently with GoPro footage and translate high-resolution footage to an easily managed, cross-platform, high-quality codec.

Codec For Adobe Premiere Mac

Exporting in ProRes (Mac) ProRes is another popular post-production format that allows editors to maximize performance and quality. Even though the codec was designed to be used as an editing format (not a delivery format), many clients and film festivals have adapted it as a playback codec. Here’s how to export in ProRes: Format: Quicktime.

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Intermediate files are files that you create from one application in a post-production pipeline to pass to the next application in the pipeline. Movie files encoded with the GoPro CineForm codec at the higher quality settings include an alpha channel.


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Exporting your projects using the GoPro CineForm codec is relatively straightforward:

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  1. Select your project in Premiere Pro and choose File > Export > Media.
  2. In the Export Settings dialog box, choose QuickTime as the Export Settings format.
  3. Choose GoPro CineForm as the video codec.
  4. Choose a color bit depth: 10-bit per channel YUV or 12-bit per channel RGBA to include an alpha channel.

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You could also choose an appropriate GoPro CineForm preset from the Preset menu to accomplish the same thing.