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You can generally watch AVI videos on a Mac’s QuickTime player without any issues. All you have to do is open Quick Time Player located in the Applications folder and double click on the file. In fact, most of the latest versions of Quick Time support a wide variety of video formats and codecs. But in some cases, QuickTime may have difficulty playing the AVI file and may display errors like

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Elmedia Player - Best AVI player for Mac. Requirements: OS X 10.9+.

‘The file.avi is not in a format that QuickTime understands. You may need to install additional software to open this file’.

  • The Divx codec for Quicktime should handle the majority of avi files. Downloadable here. Note that the 'free trial' includes the playback codec (which is what you want). It's bundled with the trial version of Divx converter and trial 'pro' options for encoding Divx movies in Quicktime.
  • Click to download AVI to QuickTime video converter for Mac, or download windows full version, run it. Step 1: Click 'Add File' icon to load AVI file not playable on QuickTime. AVI of any video audio codec, 720p, 1080p, 4K UHD, 8K, VR 360 is all supported.

Why does Quick Time have issues playing certain AVI files? Let’s find out reasons for the same.

  • When the AVI files are compressed using codecs not compatible with QuickTime
  • Many DivX files have a .avi extension, but QuickTime is not designed to support DivX codec natively

Due to these reasons, QuickTime Player may have issues playing the AVI file and produce error messages. In order to solve this problem and play your AVI file smoothly, we provide some simple solutions.

1. Download necessary plug-ins

If you want to play the AVI file in Quick Time player, then you can install a plugin called Perian. Perian is a free component that is referred to as a Swiss Army knife for QuickTime player. With Perian installed, you can view various types of video formats that Quick Time Player otherwise doesn’t support. Although Perian is no longer being developed and does not work with QuickTime 10 or above, it can still be used with QuickTime 7 and such.

2. Convert the AVI file to a format compatible with QuickTime player

Converting the AVI file to a file format that is compatible with QuickTime player is the next best solution. The best format you can convert the AVI file to is the MOV format as it is native to Quick Time. To do the conversion, there are many tools out there, but be sure to use a tool that is reliable and trustworthy.

Using an unreliable video converter can damage your AVI file and do more harm than good. Also, remember to have a backup of the original video file before converting just in case.

3. Use a universal media player such as VLC

The VLC media player is considered a Swiss army knife for all kinds of video files. Unless of course, you don’t have a restriction to play the AVI file only in QuickTime, this is the simplest and most effective solution.

Codec Para Quicktime Mac Avi

So, as a first step, go ahead and install a VLC media player on your Mac device. Then, just open the AVI file that you wish to play in VLC and the file will be played effortlessly.

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Repair AVI files

If you are converting an AVI file or any file for that matter to another format, it is important that you use reliable tools. Failing to do so can corrupt your video files and cause damage. This is why we stressed you to make a backup of the original video in Solution 2.

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In other situations, compressing AVI files using unconventional methods can also cause damage to your files. In such cases, it is imperative that you repair the file and for this purpose, Remo Repair is the best pick. It is specially designed to repair AVI files no matter what the reason for corruption is. Unreliable conversion tools, unconventional compression techniques and many other cases of corruption can be repaired using this tool.


Another good thing about Remo Repair is that it can be used to repair AVI files on Mac as well as Windows systems.

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When I try to open a .avi file with Quicktime 7, it says I need a plugin and takes me to a generic web page with several plugins. How am I supposed to know which one is needed? It doesn't even tell me which one I need to get?
Also, I suspect this is a generic redirect to this page. The beginning of the .avi says DIVX on it in the corner, and the web page I'm being redirected to doesn't even have a DIVX codec. Where can I go to get a DIVX Quicktime 7 codec and is there a way to find out exactly what codec is needed when one is redirected to this generic website? That would at least tell me what codec I really need.