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Cursors For A Mac

Join WWD for a Short Tutorial on How to Change the Look of Your Cursor on a Mac. Mousecape:

  • This full cursor pack, based on the MAC cursor, has 15 animated cursors, each with 24 frames in 24 different colors. Task Scheduler Scheduling a Web Service to Run Automatically full detail. Download: Rainbow Cursors. 2) Wii Cursors v1.0: mouse cursor themes.
  • Cursor Zoom is a System Preference plugin to control the cursor size! This product is in maintenance mode, as the functionality that it provides is now built in to Mac OS X 10.4.
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Not bad, I could only get the sample cape to work. I am looking for a big cursor for some games where the default one is near invisible.
I will keep my eye on it.

System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display -> Cursor Size Slider...

Cursors For A MacCustom mouse cursor mac

Very cool. As far as I know the only app that lets you actually change the OS cursor since Apple switched to programmatically generated cursors.
Also I was very surprised to see that it lets you import old Mighty Mouse cursor files (Unsanity's long-dead cursor customization app.) I happened to have a couple around and they work, although they're bitmap-based and don't scale smoothly like the sample cursor…

Cursors For A Mac Shortcut

It works awesome, even the Create new is very cool, a but to figure out the Sizing, but it works, unfortunately it quite impossible to find old Mighty Mouse Cursors, does anemone know a Page where 9 can find some?

Perhaps I'm missing something but I couldn't find the app. Github has the Xcode project which I can't build since I don't have a paid Mac Developer Program. Where can I get the built app?

Cursors For Macbook

Tried submitting a hint, but the submit hint link yields:
Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I can't submit a hint, and crarko's email address isn't working?
Anyone else having issues?

Still broken...

I'm having trouble with the site as well. Those trying to reach me; the best bet may be to use the forums and send me a PM there.
I'll try to find out what's going on. I'd like to get the ball rolling on the Yosemite Public Beta.
Craig A.

I've no idea if this site is dead, or sleeping, but if anybody wants a tips fix then try Mac Kung Fu:

Mac os x cursor

Cursors For A Mac Download


Cursors For A Mac Catalina

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Mac Os X Cursor

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This site is awful ... no updates in almost a month ... time to delete my account and my bookmark.