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Dvd Ripper For MacQ0: Is the license code for mac dvd ripper also valid on windows dvd ripper?

Free Dvd Rippers For Mac

DVD Ripper for Mac - Best Mac DVD ripper to rip DVD & covert DVD to video on Mac. DVD Ripper for Mac, as a piece of professional Mac DVD ripping software, is the best solution for Mac users to rip copy-protected commercial DVD and home-made DVD-R, convert DVD to popular video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV and extract audios from DVD on Mac. With advanced disc decrypting technology, Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac can easily remove DVD disc protection and region code restriction before converting DVDs to.

A: No. DVD Ripper for Mac and windows are different products, so they use different license code. If you want to use our dvd ripper both on Mac and Windows, you should buy them both. And on this occasion, we'll give you a discount price to get them at a cheaper price. Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to get the discount link.

Q1: Can I purchase one license and use it on both of my laptop and PC?
A: Yes, according to our license agreement, you can use our program on two of your computers with only one license.

Q2: Can I get upgrades for free or should I pay again for the upgrades 1 year later?
A: You can get any upgrades of the same product for free since your license is a lifetime license. That also means, you only need pay once and can use our program for lifetime.

Q3: How can I do if there's no profile for my device?
A: Feel free to contact us, telling us your device name, model number, version, then we'll create a profile for your device soon.

Dvd ripper for macbook

Q4: What to do if Mac DVD Ripper crashed while reading a new dvd?
A: This case is mostly caused by new protection. Just send us the log file of our program, along with the ifo files of the original dvd, then we'll work out the decryption file within 24 hours. You may send those files by the following steps:
1) Export log file. Please click 'Export log file...' menu to export the log file of Ideal Mac DVD Ripper.
2) Copy and zip the ifo files of the original dvd. Double click the disc icon of the dvd, then double click 'VIDEO_TS' icon. Then sort them by Kind, copy all the .ifo files to another folder, and zip them to a single file.
3) Send the log file and zipped the ifo files to our support team.

Q5: What to do if the ripped file is out of order?
A: This issue is also caused by the new protection. Please export the ifo files of the dvd and send it to us, then we'll give you the solution within one day.

Winx Dvd Ripper For Mac

Q6: Why I can only see one title of an episodic dvd? How to rip all episodes just operating once?
A: Mac DVD Ripper will only list the longest title of a dvd, if you want to show all the titles, just click

on the titles list, then you can check the episodes you wanted to rip.

Dvd Ripper For Macbook Pro

Q7: What can I do if I met unexpected error while ripping?
A: Export the log file according to the following picture, and send it to us, we'll help you within one day.

Dvd Ripper For Mac Handbrake

Q8: Is this version the same as the one in mac app store?
A: No. The version in Mac app store can't rip protected dvds, so it is only $8.99. This version is full function, if you need upgrade to this version, please feel free to contact us, we'll give you a discount price to upgrade. Any issue about the version in Mac app store please also mail to [email protected] . We'll help you as soon as possible.