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I have two similar installations (Hikvision NVR, with DS-2CD2342WD turret cameras) previously accessed remotely via the EZVIZ website, using Firefox and the EZVIZ plugin, and/or by android phone. After the last recent 'update' Firefox no longer works.
While looking for an answer, I found EZVIZ Studio on the support page at www.ezvizlife.com where it is simply described as 'Smoother desktop software for Windows' (There doesn't seem to be a Mac version). I thought I'd try it, and it seems to solve the problem of browser plugins, as no browser is involved.
The download and install is straightforward. There is no manual, help or instructions, but the left hand panel offers 'My Camera', and 'Devices on LAN'.
My Camera opens a login dialogue, and by entering the credentials for my existing EZVIZ account (ie. account name and password, NOT the NVR device id and password), I have access to the live streams of the cameras. The view window has Live View and Gallery buttons. Gallery provides access to stored recordings with a date-picker and time-line. Live View seems to offer multiple camera views, but I haven't figured out how to get more than one at a time.
Devices on LAN autodetects the NVR, but requests the Verification Code. Entering that doesn't work, but entering the admin Password for the NVR does ! Clicking on a camera opens a second 'Video Play' window with the live camera view on the right, and clickable icons representing segments of recent recordings on the left. This is quite a useful way to step through recordings quickly.
The My Camera stream stays live while the Video Play window is open, so you can see both streams at the same time, but the My Camera window cannot be clicked on while Video Play is open.
There are a few other features but I haven't figured out what they are. The main thing is that it solves the browser issues - at least for me.
The link to the support page for the download is:
EZVIZ - Security Camera Kits, Wi-Fi Cameras, and Action Cams
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Ezviz Studio For Mac Catalina

Upgrade Pack for S1C Action Camera. EZVIZ PC Studio Software. Windows PC Software. Video Plugin for Windows. Download EZVIZ for PC click now: Download Bluestacks app Player This video. Copy the “AppConfig.ini” file in desktop to folder of “config” and overlay the old one. Refresh the device page in Ezviz Studio or reopen the Studio, then you will see the “Advanced”. If you want to hide the “Advanced” setting, please change the command “Show=1” to “Show=0”, then reopen the EZVIZ studio.