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I like Free Pascal the most, for beginning I believe it is the best because you don't have too much fancy GUI features to distract you from programming for beginners (algorithms, procedural thinking.). I didn't try to run this on Mac but it should work. I have used Free Pascal on Linux and Windows with satisfaction. Free download Pascal Pascal for Mac OS X. GNU Pascal is a command-line compiler, but there are plug-ins for the MetroWerks CodeWarrior IDE.

Free Pascal Compiler Version 3.2.0. Introduction. Please also read the platform specific README file, if it exists. This package contains an advanced freeware 32-bit/64-bit/16-bit pascal compiler for several platforms. The Free Pascal Compiler now can generate byte code for a Java Virtual Machine. The code generator works and supports most Pascal language constructs. The FPC backend for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) generates Java byte code that conforms to the specifications of the JDK 1.5 (and later).

This article applies to macOS only.

See also: Multiplatform Programming Guide

This article applies to iPadOS only.

See also: Multiplatform Programming Guide

With macOS 10.15 Apple introduced a new feature for building and running iPad applications on macOS.The feature is named Mac Catalyst.

Apple specifically noted that the apps designed for iPad can be run on Mac computers. Exclusive iPhone apps cannot be run on macOS.

  • 1System Support
  • 2Free Pascal Compiler Support

System Support

Mac Catalyst is available on macOS 10.15 Catalina and later (?). It's not available on the prior macOS 10.14.

One might find 'iOSSupport' system libraries at

These are run-time frameworks built to support Mac Catalyst.

Free Pascal Compiler Fpc

MacOSX SDKs files already include the necessary iOSSupport reference (.tbd) files.


  • According to Apple, only a very small subset of AppKit can be used for Mac Catalyst apps. They must also be isolated into Mac Catalyst specific code (as no AppKit is available on iOS).
  • iPadOS is a version of iOS 13 that's designed to run on Apple's iPads. According to Apple, iPadOS is built on the same foundation as iOS, but with new capabilities created for the larger display of the iPad.

Free Pascal Compiler Support

A new OS target is necessary for the compiler.The changes for the target are as following:

  • during assembly the Mac Catalyst platform needs to be specified. An assembler creates an object file with load commands in them. The command provides the information for the linker about the platform of the object file.
CompilerFree pascal compiler for mac os
During linking the linker verifies that the platform of the object file generated by FPC matches system linking files.
as of today FPC supports 3 platforms: macOS, iOS and iPhoneSimulator. For Mac Catalyst the additional platform is needed.


  • '-platform_version' can be used to specify the resulting platform binary version
  • It seems like specifying 'macosx_version_min' switches ld down to linking for the macOS platform.

Building Apps

While Mac Catalyst is designed to provide an ability to rebuild iPad apps for macOS in the first place, it is also possible to build a standalone UIKit app for macOS exclusively.

Free Pascal Os

However, such an application might likely act as a proof-of-concept or a demo app, and might not be accepted for distribution in the App store.

Virtual pascal compiler

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Free Pascal Compiler For Mac

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Free Pascal Compiler For Macs


The compiler (in this case, the FPC Pascal Compiler) is the executable program that translates Pascal source code into assembly language to then be processed by the assembler into the application that the source code specifies.

Note that some Pascal compilers - and most other compilers - directly generate the executable program or produce an object module that can be passed to a program linker. In the case of the FPC Pascal Compiler, that job is performed by the assembler program.

Some Pascal compilers are standalone executable programs which are passed a command line and a set of files. Other Pascal compilers provide an Integrated Development Environment or IDE, which allows for editing and compilation to be done in a seamless fashion.

Examples of Pascal compilers include:

  • Australian Atomic Energy Commission Pascal Compiler for the IBM 370 Mainframe
  • Borland Pascal and Turbo Pascal which were developed by Borland International for MS-Dos and for Windows 3.1 or as 16-bit applications for Windows 95.
  • Delphi from Embarcadero (formerly Codegear and Borland International) which produces 32-bit and 64-bit applications for Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • Kylix from Borland International which produces 32-bit applications for Linux.
  • UCSD Pascal for the PDP-11 and Apple II computers, and later for the IBM-PC under MS-Dos running on its own operating system.
Various PascalCompilers:
AAEC Pascal Alice Pascal Apple Pascal Borland Pascal Clascal Delphi Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) GNU Pascal Kylix Lisa Pascal Mac Pascal Metrowerks Pascal NBS Pascal OMSI Pascal P32 Sibyl Smart Pascal Stanford Pascal Compiler Swedish Pascal THINK Pascal Turbo Pascal UCSD Pascal VAX Pascal Virtual Pascal winsoft PocketStudio
An extensive list of compilers is maintained at Pascaland.

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Virtual Pascal Compiler

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