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I see that Half life is released on Linux based computers with WineX ( http://www.winehq.com/ ) to emulate Microsoft DirectX.
It's time to Valve ( http://www.valve.org ) to release a version of half life for Mac !
With MacOS X.1 nobody can say 'Make a game for mac is too difficult'.
No more thing handicap the Mac !
- We have OpenGL !
- We have Unix !
- We have nVidia chips !
There are more Mac than Linux based computers !!!
Please, give us some good PC games on our favorite OS platform !!
Guys, email Valve to ask them to port HL on Mac !!!
With HL on Mac, we'll have Counter-Strike ( http://www.counter-strike.net ) too !!!! and all of the good mods with it !!!
Sorry for my english, i am french.

Status:Passing type 1 “A scene meeting these criteria is an unavoidable part of the game”

Posts about Mac OS written by namelesschaos. Status: Passing type 1 “A scene meeting these criteria is an unavoidable part of the game” Description:“A marginal case.


Description:“A marginal case. Prominent NPC characters Alyx and Mossman have two conversations:

In the first, they discuss some errors in the scientific apparatus they’re supervising; in the second, they start off partly talking about other male characters (Breen and Eli Vance) but segue into a technobabbly science discussion. It is arguable whether they count as ‘sustained’.”

The day Half-Life comes to the mac (and therefore also Counterstrike) will be the most black and embarrasing day since Apple released the horrid Flower-Power/Blue Dalmatian colour scheme on the iMac! Comon, we dont NEED that kind of game, it will only trouble your macs ass! Download half life for mac os x. Most people looking for Half life for mac os x downloaded: Half-Life 2. Pick up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, and find yourself on an alien-infested Earth being picked. Get the half-life anthology. Only $15 for hl, opposing force, blue shift, and team fortress classic. Half-life and hl: source are basically the same. You'll see some physics implementations.

Playable Character Test: There is a female playable character (who doesn’t meet the other criteria)

ForHalf life 1 for mac os high sierra

Note: My googe-fu couldn’t confirm that there was a female character. Please leave a comment if you can confirm or deny the presence of a playable female character.

(others have corrected this in the comments and original submitter confirmed they must have accidentally missed clicked, it happens)

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS

Half life 1 mac os x download

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