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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ (or [Shift] + 3 or hold [Alt] and press [Keypad 2] [Keypad 1]) to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
1,000 cashMoney
1,000 energyEnergy
1,000 fuelfuel
1,000 metalMetal
1,000 oilcrudeoil
1,000 rare materialsrarematerials
1,000 suppliesSupplies
+1% more officersaddofficers
Instant researchinstantresearch
One day building constructioninstantbuild
One day unit production and building constructioninstantproduction or instantconstruction
Toggle fog of wardebug fow
Toggle superior espionagedebug spy
Toggle AI favorable responsedebug yesmen
Zero neutralitynoneutrality
Trigger indicated eventevent [event code]
Trigger revolt to indicated province; repeat to add more rebelsrevolt [province ID]

About This Game. Hearts of Iron III lets you play the most engaging conflict in world history, World War 2, on all fronts as any country and through multiple different scenarios. Guide your nation to glory between 1936 and 1948 and wage war, conduct diplomacy and build your industry in the most detailed World War 2 game ever made. Hearts of Iron III is a global-strategy game with a high focus on realism. Once again the game lets the player take over the control of any nation present from the period 1936-1948 during which the game takes place and do with it what he wants. The game also presents several scenarios that cover different time intervals, allowing the player to choose between preparing for battle or starting in.

Note: This will also affect the CPU and require one day to take effect.

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Heart Of Iron 3 For MacEvents

Heart Of Iron 4 For Mac

Use one of the following values with the 'event [event code]' code:

Hearts Of Iron 3 For Mac

ResultEvent code
Change neutrality66503
Extra manpower66502
More money and resources66501
Reduce dissent66500