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Tanooky Tracks is a very challenging hidden object-type game for teens and Big Kids where your goal is to become a ‘detective’ and find the 12 missing Tanookys. The Tanookys are devious little creatures who have hidden themselves all around a four-storey house located in a forest. They like to hide in objects that reflect their characters, and each Tanooky has a favourite object that will help you identify their hiding place. Use the available Hint Book to find the right objects associated with each Tanooky. The Hint Book gives you a riddle to solve for each little critter.

Free Hidden Objects games for mac, has a combination of such genres as: quest, adventure and casual. When you play games of the Hidden Objects genre, it will get really boring. The player regularly needs to find solutions for difficult tasks and puzzles. June’s Journey – Hidden Objects For Mac – Free Download & Install on Windows PC October 9, 2020 October 10, 2020 Dan Norris 0 Comments June’s Journey – Hidden Objects for Mac – Download Latest version of June’s Journey – Hidden Objects for Mac OS X or later directly from this website free now.

Each riddle indicates both an object and a hiding place. Once you put the associated object in the right place - the Tanooky will be lured out. The cheeky little creatures are all concealed in this quirky house, but they left you a number of clues that you have to figure out before you’ll be able to find them. This game is quite challenging so you need to be eagle-eyed and have the skills of a sleuth to succeed. So put on your Detective’s hat, let’s find those little guys!

How to Play: At the start of the game, Alfa asks for your help - the Tanookys are playing hide and seek in her house. She gives you their Hint Book, which contains the riddles that you need to decipher (figure out), one for each Tanooky. Each riddle refers to an object that each Tanooky loves, and every riddle also hints at where that Tanooky is hiding.

You must find that object and move it to the hiding place to reveal the hidden Tanooky. To click on an object, move your pointer around the house using your computer mouse. When you find an interesting object, your pointer will turn into a golden hand. Left click to acquire that object (it will appear at the bottom of your game screen). Once you think you know the place where an object needs to be moved to lure out a Tanooky, click on that object and then drag it to that hiding place. If it is the right object in the right place, the Tanooky will be found!

Tip: If you are struggling, there are extra clues at the back of the Hint Book. These extra tips are less complicated than the earlier riddles and will speed up your hunt for the Tanookys.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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Hidden Object Game For Mac Free
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Hidden Object Game For Mac Free Full Version

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Free Hidden Object Games For Macos

Hidden Object Game For Mac Free
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