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Master Of Orion For Mac

Master Of Orion Mac Catalina

The Master of Orion 3 Guardian (Fan site offering various information on MOO 3, including modifications ('Mods') of the original game. Has sections for MOO 1 and 2, too.) The Orion Sector (A site run by MOO fans devoted to the latest news, previews, reviews, info, downloads, and more for Master of Orion 3. Stunningly enhanced for a new line of players, Master of Orion inherits and redefines its core elements, providing a graphically beautiful and deeply rewarding experience. Master of Orion is the birth of a new era of strategy gameplay featuring the latest multi-platform technology and graphical systems. IOS, Win10, Android, Mac OS X. World of Tanks Blitz. A mobile free-to-play team-based MMO action game dedicated to 7-vs-7 tank combat. Befriend nations or battle them. With Master of Orion’s massive galaxies with dozens of unique and unexplored stars, wrestle for new and untamed worlds in your fight for supremacy. Conquer The Stars. 2.1.1 A short description of MOO2 MOO2 is a complex empire-building science-fiction strategy game in the tradition of games like Civilization, Master of Orion (MOO), and Master of Magic (MOM). MOO and MOM, also programmed by Simtex, are its direct ancestors - MOO2 takes the original MOO setting, expands it and adds many features from MOM.

Master of Orion MAC Download Free (MacBook)


Release Date: February 26, 2016
Platforms: PC, Mac
Developer: NGD Studios
Publisher: WG Labs
Genre: Strategy

Master Of Orion For Mac

Welcome to our gaming portal! On this page you can download Master of Orion on PC and Mac. Full version of this game available to download for free and without registration. This is a very interesting game created in the genre of Action. If you like this genre, we recommend you to try this project. Please note that the links will be available shortly after the game’s release.

About This Game:


Master of Orion (2016) is a restart of the Master of Orion series, authored by NGD Studios from Argentina. Following in the footsteps of its grand ancestors (with the exclusion of Master of Orion 3), it is set for a 2016 release — giving everyone the ability to test their skills in crafting an interstellar empire and dominating all who oppose them — or failing miserably and watching as their people fall prey to stronger opponents.

Master of Orion is a saga that has impacted many gamers throughout the years. The revival certainly has high standards to meet, but with ambitious goals and a fantastic team, MoO is set to exceed all expectations. Recently, the incredible cast of voice actors for the game was revealed, boasting talent such as Mark Hamill and Michael Dorn. Master of Orion will allow players to engage with unique aliens, customize ships, and explore a vast, newly imagined universe. For 4X gamers, MoO is a dream. If you can’t wait to start adventuring amongst the stars, you can pick up the Collector’s Edition starting today.

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Available Platform: DOS

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Master of Orion is a 4X science fiction turn-based strategy game developed by SimTex and published by MicroProse in 1993 for Dos and Mac.


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated22 October 2019

Game Review

Master of Orion is a 4X science fiction turn-based strategy game developed by SimTex and published by MicroProse in 1993 for Dos and Mac.

Master Of Orion Mac Os

This title pretty much invented 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) as a genre. It is the refined version of a prototype game created by SimTex, but never released to the public, called Star Lords. It is said to be the inspiration for later games like Ascendancy.

Taking place in space, you have your choice of 10 playable alien races, each with their own special advantage. You choose your difficulty, size of your galaxy, and number of enemies, but the map is randomly generated at the start of the game. Beginning on your homeworld, you must spread your influence through either diplomacy or conquest in order to get a chance to go to planet Orion, the throne-world of the Ancients. Orion is protected by a warship that you must either become strong enough to destroy or impress with your diplomatic skills. You can also colonize the galaxy with a combination of the two approaches. The size of a colonized planet determines just how useful it can be. On each colony you decide what the focus will be among choices like ship building, factories, research, etc. Research and the technology it yields is your best asset when expanding your empire. Use a technology tree to determine what research will be funded. Combat with a planet occurs from the planet’s orbit and can be controlled manually or set to auto.

Master of Orion is galactic conquest at its best. It takes away the formula and micromanagement and gives you flexibility and variety. The different races, different strategies, and randomized maps keeps it from getting stale. Each playthrough is a different story you can tailor to your liking. Winning more than a dozen awards following its release, Master of Orion is a true classic. This game will suck you in and keep you playing.