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The Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane for Mac OS X is a GUI and startup item to set up an extended speed parameter and acceleration curve for your mouse. Extended mouse settings. The Mouse Acceleration PrefPane is a GUI and startup item to Richard Bentley’s MouseFix. You can set up an extended speed parameter and acceleration curve for your.

  1. Scriptable System Preferences. Mac OS X Leopard introduces a number of newly scriptable system preference panes, including: Accounts, Appearance, CD & DVD, Desktop, Dock, Expose and Spaces, Network, and Security.
  2. Use Terminal to Disable Mouse Acceleration. Using command line syntax is one way to disable.
  3. Well, long story short, whenever you need to know how to turn off mouse acceleration Mac OS X, all you need to do is use command line syntax or download a script that will disable the mouse acceleration. You can also use Preference Panel tools to do so and then the tool will do its magic.
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The link to the program is bad. The url for was appended to the start of it.

Anyway I have to admit I have not noticed this acceleration curve (and still don't). I feel weirdly sheepish admitting this as it seems to bother others a fair bit but there you are.

Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane For Mac Os X 10.8

Don't feel bad, I haven't noticed it either... :)
I have a MS IntelliMouse Express 3.0 USB Mouse (have not installed any drivers, just plugged it in) on 10.4.2 on a 15' 1.25Ghz Al PB.
I don't notice it on the trackpad either though.
I have my mouse settings set to 'Fastest' as well. Maybe some combination of the above eliminates the problem as well.

Better late than never :)
Using Mighty MouseLogitech tracking set to Fast(est) and on dual monitors - I notice it big time, but if set to default its not as noticeable. But I want to go to 'fastest' so that I can move the mouse from corner to corner without having to move my arm.

Os X Disable Mouse Acceleration

I for one HATED the current acceleration curve. 'Brick wall' acceleration is a good description. It is nothing like older (OS 9?) acceleration curves.
I use two programs to fix the problem. MouseZoom (it only changes the overall rate, not the shape of the curve) and a feature included with SideTrack called 'Redmond acceleration' or something like that. With Redmond turned on and the MouseZoom at around 2.5 I'm a pretty happy camper, but I'm extremely interested in the solution offered here, partly because SideTrack is a kext, although I don't think it has ever caused a problem.
Please, I wonder if the author could make this a little less UNIX-y? I think the potential audience for this is significant if it were posted on versiontracker.
Make a pretty interface so use of the terminal is unnecessary. Include a table in which the user can enter the data pairs. Even better, make a little graphical display where the user can click to set the points, with a line connecting the points.
Describe how it works in the ReadMe—does it patch running code, a plist, or what? (Does the user need to worry about crashes, for example). (Why are there two ReadMe's and the first one is blank?)
Explain if the thing continues to use cycles after the set-up program is done.

How do I reset the parameters if I didn't like the new ones?

Checkout the older pref pane called MouseZoom

This actually works ! I've tried everything to change the behavior of my mouse in Mac OS X. Nothing worked, yet. Because I use Windows at my work I'm used to the quick response and no acceleration of the mouse. MouseZoom speeds up the movement of the mouse but doesn't change the acceleration curve. USB Overdrive helps a bit but not 100%.

This program uses a deprecated API. From event_status_driver.h ...
Oops, wrong code snippet. This program uses: I wonder how long it will work, and what the replacement is?

How do you turn this thing off. I did it and now i hate it. Someone please help!

SteerMouse ( solves this problem by letting you disable the mouse acceleration.


Microsoft have released the Intellimouse drivers for OSX. If you've got a MS mouse these may help.

I never cared about the mouse acceleration either, UNTIL I just got a mouse with a scroll wheel... the acceleration on the scroll wheel is almost making the damn thing useless to me.
You move the 'scrolling speed slider', and the slow-scroll never changes, all that changes is how quickly it accelerates (rate of wheel turning vs. rate of page scrolling)... very un-intuitive, and very irritating.
I was really hoping there'd be a key or prefs file i could simply type 'Acceleration=0' into or something...

This seems to work ok in Leopard. I'm using his version 1.1 (command line). Thanks for making this. I just 'upgraded' to a mightymouse and on a big monitor the acceleration/deceleration was driving me nuts!

works like a dream on 10.5.6. so much better. thx.

Disable Mouse Acceleration On Mac

I used compiled version 1.2 (acceleration factor 2,5) with touchpad of MBP (late 2006) with both OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5.6. It works like charm.
The cursor movements behavior is very close to Windows XP.
Thank you.

Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane For Mac Os X 10.13


Mouse Acceleration Preference Pane For Mac Os X 10.10

I actually found a fix for the mouse acceleration. MouseFix and other programs were not able to fix anything for me. They simpy toned down the problem. After doing a lot of research and experimenting i finally found a solution that i did a pretty large write up on, here is the link to the write up:
It's not open-source, but you might be interested in Decelerator...