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While Apple’s full-size keyboards have dedicated Home, End, Page Up, & Page Down keys, their compact keyboards (such as those found on laptops) do not. Instead, they double-up the function of some keys. Apple does not label the second function of all the keys, so not everyone realizes their full potential!

When you hold the function (fn) key and press certain keys on Apple keyboards, it makes those keys act differently. It activates their alternate function. Here are the common ones you should know:

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How to Use Arrows on a Mac more Effectively. Although you will not find the “Page Up” or “Page Down” keys, you can use the FN key along with the up or down arrow to get the functionality of the Page Up and Page Down buttons. Fn + Up/Down Arrow. The fn (“function”) key on modern Apple keyboards is in the lower left corner.

  • Page Up is fn-Up Arrow
  • Page Down is fn-Down Arrow
  • Home is fn-Left Arrow
  • End is fn-Right Arrow
  • Enter (in the number pad of a full keyboard) is fn-Return
  • Delete Right (also called Forward Delete) is fn-Delete

Be sure to check out my Mac keyboard shortcuts page for many more tips and tricks like this!

By accident, you closed an unsaved Pages document which contains a lot of important notes. Or, carelessly, you lost or deleted a Pages document that you desperately need. To recover your unsaved pages documents on your Mac, you can go to Finder and have a try. While to recover a lost/deleted Pages document, you can do it successfully with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the powerful and popular data recovery tool, or Time Machine.

Are you looking for a reliable solution to recover unsaved or lost pages on Mac computer? If yes, stay here and go through the following 2 parts. You will pick up a suitable solution to bring your lost or unsaved Page back.

Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
Part 1. Recover Unsaved Page3 Method available: 1. Look for unsaved page in Finder; 2. Restore unsaved page from temp folder; 3. Recover page from AutoSave...Full steps
Part 2. Recover Lost Page2 Methods for you to try: 1. Use EaseUS file recovery to scan and restore lost Pages; 2. Restore from Time Machine backup...Full steps

Part 1. How to Recover Unsaved Pages Document

'My Mac froze and I was unable to click or move anything so I restarted the computer. Then I realized I closed my Pages document without saving it by doing so. The unsaved Pages document that I was working on contained a few weeks worth of notes. Now I desperately need to recover it, and I'm sure there's some kind of folder or something to help me recover this.'

Like recovering unsaved Word documents, there are also three ways to recover unsaved Pages documents on Mac. How to recover a pages document that wasn't saved:

Method 1. Go to Finder to Look for the Unsaved Document

Step 1.Go to 'Finder' > 'File' > 'Find' on your Mac.

Step 2. Search 'This Mac' and confine the kind to 'Document'.

Step 3. Click the second tab in the View menu to list the search results.

Step 4. Find your unsaved Pages document and save it to your desktop or somewhere else.

If you can't find your unsaved documents, there are more possible ways to try.

Method 2. Restore Unsaved Pages Documents from Temp Folder

Step 1. Go to 'Applications' > 'Utilities' and double-click 'Terminal'.

Step 2. In Terminal, enter open $TMPDIR and you will be directed to the TMP folder which is used to keep files temporarily.


Step 3. In the TMP folder, find and open the folder named 'TemporaryItems'. In it, right-click the desired unsaved Pages files, choose 'Open with...', and open the file with the corresponding program. .

Step 4. Save the Pages file by clicking on 'File' > 'Save As' and save it to another location.


Method 3. Recover a Pages Document from Auto-Save

The Auto-Save feature is turned on by default and will take effect once you saved a document. Thus, if you unsaved the new edits on a document that had been saved before at least once, it's possible for you to recover the unsaved content with the help of Auto-Save feature.

Step 1. Go to find a Pages document.

Step 2. Open it with Pages.

Step 3. Then you will see the document you just opened and other documents you left opening or unsaved in the window.


Step 4. Choose the one you need and recover it.

Part 2. How to Recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents

'I got some important Pages documents deleted accidentally by mistake. This case occurred to my MacBook Air last weekend while I was planning to delete those useless files and save more available space. After the deletion, I tried to edit a Pages document which was stored in a file folder. But I could not find any tracks of the page document. The whole folder was gone and all Pages documents disappeared from my Mac. How can I get those lost pages documents on my Mac back? If you have any effective methods, please help me. Thank you.'

To be honest, the chances to recover an unsaved Pages document are, if any, slim. However, if your documents are lost or deleted by accident and you want to get them back, you will have a high chance of success.

Suggestion for Retrieving Lost/Deleted Pages Documents on Mac

Pages documents on Mac is usually used by Mac users for processing word application with advanced features including spelling check, grammar check and style sheets, etc. Losing page documents on Mac is not a rare case which may occur anytime and happen to any Mac users. Luckily, after you've got your important Pages documents lost or deleted, you can retrieve your desired files with effective. Here we recommend you try two reliable solutions to restore lost pages documents: recover pages documents with Mac data recovery software or recover Mac pages documents via Time Machine.

Method 1. Recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents on Mac with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Once you get your documents lost or deleted, stop using the hard drive where you stored you saved the files. And, don't install the software on the same hard drive as the one on which your Pages documents saved.

If you didn't enable Time Machine, you can successfully recover the lost/deleted Pages documents with Mac data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. This software provides a professional solution for different data loss situations on various devices. For example, it can recover deleted files after emptying Trash Bin, recover lost photoshop files, and retrieve lost files from an SD card. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

Steps to retrieve lost/deleted Pages documents on Mac with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Page Down In Word For Mac

Step 1. Select the disk location (it can be an internal HDD/SSD or a removable storage device) where you lost data and files. Click the 'Scan' button.

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will immediately scan your selected disk volume and display the scanning results on the left pane.

Step 3. In the scan results, select the file(s) and click the 'Recover Now' button to have them back.

Page Down For Mac

No obstacles will be encountered to use this software to recover lost Pages documents. As mention above, you can also apply EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to other data loss situations to get back your files. In a word, it's a tool well worth trying.

Method 2. Recover Pages Documents on Mac with Time Machine

If you have turned on Time Machine and made a backup plan for backing up important Pages documents on your Mac, you can follow the next steps to recover Pages documents with Time Machine:

Page Down Mac Computer

Step 1. Launch Time Machine.

Page Down Macro

Step 2. Select 'backups' and choose 'Pages documents'.

Page Down Key Mac

Step 3. Click 'Restore' to recover your lost Pages documents.