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Periscope was developed by Twitter, Inc. to let its users discover various places from around the world effortlessly. You can also mutually interact with your friends and others through this Periscope software. If you don’t want want to miss out on any of your favorite videos of friends, then use Periscope for PC.


You can share your adventures anytime you want among other Periscope users. You are also allowed to share them on social media and let your close friends know how fun your journey was. This app will surely keep you free and active during these Quarantine days. Periscope is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.


Periscope is a live streaming app developed by Twitter Inc which lets you broadcast the videos to the world. Here is the complete guide how to download Periscope for PC laptop on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and XP or Periscope for MAC OS computer. Download Periscope Pro for macOS 10.9 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Watch your home, kids, and pets from anywhere! Simply plug in your camera, use the Mac’s built-in one, IP camera, or use your iOS device as IP camera and feature-rich Periscope Pro does the rest.

  • Why choose Periscope for Mac? (Latest version)
  • How to Download and install Periscope of Macbook?

Why choose Periscope for Mac? (Latest version)

Periscope is one of the most userfriendly and social software out there. People anywhere in the world can use it to connect with each other through videos, notifications, and comments. You can also share your live streams anytime you want on Twitter, FB, and other social media sites.

Choosing Periscope will allow you to broadcast privately and it will also highlight replays. You can scope your home and your locality anytime and anywhere you are. Periscope also lets you watch over your kids when you are not at home or in the office. You will surely be totally secure and have tons of fun with Periscope installed.

  1. This wikiHow teaches you how to download a video from any user's Periscope profile, and save it to your computer, using Scopedown in an internet browser. Open Periscope in your internet browser.
  2. BlueStacks Android Emulator for mac Nox App Player Emulator for mac MEmu Android Emulator for Mac ARChon Emulator for mac Remix OS Player Emulator for mac These are the best 5 Android emulators for Mac. However, we will show the process of Periscope for mac free download with the Bluestack android emulator and Nox App emulator.

Features of Periscope for Macbook

A periscope is basically a broadcasting software that has tons of cool features for you to use anywhere you like. The features of Periscope are:

Explore and Discover

You can explore anywhere you want within just a few minutes of using Periscope. You can travel your whole locality, Country, and even the whole world if you want.

Private Broadcast

Trying to find a software that gives you full control over your broadcasted videos? Periscope gives you just that. Enjoy private broadcasting for your friends and followers.

Easy Share

You can easily share your live videos on Periscope or on any social media sites you want. Show the whole world your videos and enjoy tons of fame with it using Periscope.

Replay Highlights

Now you don’t have to worry if you missed out on a video you wanted to see. Periscope gives you a replay highlighting feature that helps you never miss your favourite videos.


Periscope has one of the most user-friendly and easy to implement interface out there. Periscope kept everything simple so that even kids can use it to upload their videos.

Periscope Specifications (Free Download)

How to Download and install Periscope of Macbook?

Periscope was basically designed for Android and iOS architectures. Mac users can also use it following some simple steps below. The steps are:

Step 1: Download RS OS player or Nox Android App Player on Your mac PC from the official website or anywhere you want.

Step 2: Now go to the play store located inside the Memu App Player and search for Periscope. You can find it at the beginning of the list you searched. Sometimes you can’t find it on Google Play store. That time you would need to install Periscope from other online sources.

Step 3: When you find the Periscope software, just install it and enjoy broadcasting and exploring.

Note: Periscope can also be installed on Macbooks directly from the Apple store you have. But for it, you would need an updated Mac PC. You call still use the above steps on any Version of Mac PC you have without any problems at all.

Does periscope still exist?

Periscope still exists and is regularly updated by Twitter, Inc. Periscope was last updated on May 15, 2020.

Can you make money on Periscope?

You surely can make money using the Periscope software. This feature of Periscope motivates the improvement and creation of better videos for viewers and streamers.

Final Thoughts

Periscope is truly a wonderful social streaming software for all of you. You can travel the world, stay connected with friends, live streams, and many more. You can also earn money after you have downloaded Periscope for Mac.

The world is gradually getting smaller and smaller with the advancement of the latest technologies. Periscope lets you be anywhere in the world without even leaving the comforts of your home. If you find problems in installing the software for your Mac then please inform us and follow us for new and latest hacks. Have a good day.

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Periscope for PC and Laptop: Many people have asked me how to use Periscope on computer (Windows/Mac). Just in case you do not know, Periscope is a mobile app developed by Twitter that you can use to access live your friends. In this tutorial, I’ll show you many ways to use Periscope for PC, some of the methods also work on Mac OS. So Here we share about some secret tips and tricks for the Downloading periscope for your PC and laptop.

As I mentioned in the introduction to this tutorial, Periscope is an app that gives you direct access to your Twitter recipients. Before you start showing you different ways to get Periscope for PC, let me show you some interesting Periscope features, then I will show you how to get it on PC.

Also you can do with Whatsapp. So you can also download WhatsApp on PC.


  • 1 Features of Periscope:
  • 2 Get Periscope for PC: How to Download Periscope for PC or Laptop (Windows and Mac)?
    • 2.1 1. Periscope for PC using Android Emulators:

Features of Periscope:

With this cool app, you can interact with different people live from around the world. When you first download and open the Periscope application, you can register your new account or use a Twitter account.

Once you are, you can search for different celebrities and people you follow on Twitter to interact with them during live sessions.

Interact with people from anywhere

As a person who likes to interact with people from different cultures, my favorite feature in the periscope is the option to see all users live on a global map. In this way, I can interact with users from different countries and see the actual picture of this nation. Not the morphed view that the media portray.

Increase followers

If you want to become the next social media star or if you are looking to increase your social followers, Periscope is the best app for you.

You can come live on Periscope from anywhere using your phone and show what you are doing. People around the world will begin to follow you who are interested in your personality, your history or even your country.

As if you were from Spain and that people want to know about Spain, you can become an impartial journalist and increase your Twitter followers.


Many major brands host their events on Periscope for people all over the world who can not attend these events. As if an event takes place in Paris, you probably can not go there to participate in this event. But the host can show you the event via Periscope.


  • The Periscope app is provides a people-based network on Twitter, we follow or do not stick to a specific person.
  • If you want to broadcast live with private individuals then you can select a private member and create a private broadcast app on periscope.
  • With the help of the Periscope app, we can make the best live video streaming with our family, our friends, our parents and many people.
  • When you just broadcast live, the user also receives notification and can join, comment and also like your live broadcast.
  • Here, the user can also see if they are the superiors of someone else.
    The Periscope app also invites you to join new peoples and follow new audiences, make new friends and create discussions with them.
  • Here, you can also create some change to the privacy policy of the periscope application.
    If you missed the live broadcast, do not worry here, a “Replay” feature is also provided.
  • Here, in the Periscope application, you can also share your own interests.
  • Here you can also search for people by location or topic.
  • At instantly you can also share your live streaming on other social site , like Twitter , facebookEtc.

You can also organize events on Periscope if you wish. So, get ready now I am going to share “how to download Periscope for window PC and laptop” (7/8/8.1 and Windows 10).

Get Periscope for PC: How to Download Periscope for PC or Laptop (Windows and Mac)?

This app was first released for iOS devices but now it is also available for Android device. But many people want to use this video streaming Periscope on PC / laptop(Windows/Mac) . This app is not available for PC, but with secret hints and tricks, you can use this application on your PC and your laptop. And here we will share these secret tips and tricks to download Periscope for PC and laptop with you.

There are several different ways to operate and I will try to show you all. You can scroll down and find all the methods in order of difficulty.

1. Periscope for PC using Android Emulators:

Before it is impossible to download this type of application on PC and laptop, but now the technology is upgrade, and we have many resources to download Periscope for PC and laptop. It became possible due to some emulators like Andyroid and Bluestacks, etc. But I prefer Bluestacks as it is easy to access and allow the free download for PC.

Step to Download Periscope for PC and Laptop with bluestacks:

  1. Download Bluestacks in you PC and Laptop (It’s free). you can download from here.
  2. After download Bluestasks, Start the installation of Bluestasks by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.
  3. Once the download process is complete and open Bluestasks app player.
  4. Now open Bluestasks default Browser and visit for Periscope Apk download.
  5. After you have finished downloading the Periscope Apk file, just look for its location on your PC, and then install this Apk.
  6. After completed the periscope.apk installing on your PC then file Open BlueStacks.
  7. Now go to the bluestacks and go for the application menu and open the periscope app and then enjoy the live broadcast of the periscope in your PC.

Get Periscope App on Bluestacks via Google Play Store:

  1. Open Bluestasks app player and go to Google Play Store as we do when we want to install the app on our Android phone. or on your Best Waterproof phones 2017
  2. Now, search the Periscope app in the search bar and click to install the button. When you search for Periscope, you have found two apps, then download the first one
  3. Go to all apps menu -> open the app and start using Periscope on Windows Desktop.The above method also applies to the download of Periscope for Mac Computer / PC.
  4. Now you can play the Periscope app on PC using the mouse or keyboard or with your touchscreen.
  5. Now you are all ready to watch videos by following interesting people, friends, celebrities around you.

2. Periscope for PC using ARC Welder:

If you are using a Windows or Mac computer and want to run Android apps on your computer, ARC Welder is the easiest solution. All you have to do is install Chrome Browser and follow the steps below.

  • Download the Chrome browser to your computer and launch it.
  • Access this link and download the ARC Welder app for Google Chrome. Basically, this app works inside Google Chrome and takes any Android APK file and runs it on a computer.
  • The last thing you’ll need is the Periscope APK file. You can use the download link below, but if the APK file is older and does not work for you then you can find the latest version here.
  • Now open a new tab using Google Chrome and click the “Apps” button in the upper left corner.
  • From the Apps menu, select ARC Welder and you will see a new Windows that resembles a mobile phone screen.
  • Here you will need to select a folder where ARC Welder will keep its files running. I recommend that you select a folder in C Drive.
  • On the next screen, you will need to load the APK file for Periscope to run on your computer. Just click the More button and select the Periscope APACH file.
  • Finally, wait for it to load the APK file, then press the “Test” button.

If everything went right, the Periscope app will start and now you can use it as you use it on your phone.


I hope this guide “How to download Periscope for Windows PC and laptop (Windows/ Mac/ Iphone/ Ipad). These help you to download and install the periscope of live streaming video on your computer.

Periscope For Mac

But if you have another problem with this guide, you can comment below, we try best to help you. If you found this tutorial helpful then make sure to share it with others..