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These are my notes for running Postgres in a Docker container for use with a local Django or Rails development server running on the host machine (not in Docker). Running in Docker allows keeping my database environment isolated from the rest of my system and allows running multiple versions and instances. # Create the rails project rails new projectname -database=postgresql cd projectname # Create the Postgres user createuser projectname # Create the databases createdb -Oprojectname -Eutf8 projectnamedevelopment createdb -Oprojectname -Eutf8 projectnametest # Create some models/controllers etc rails generate controller site rails generate model # Run migrations rake db:migrate # Start the. Alias postgres.server='sudo -u postgres pgctl -D /Library/PostgreSQL/9.2/data' Launch a new terminal. You can start/stop your PostgreSQL server with this: postgres.server start postgres.server stop.


Postgres server start macPostgresql server mac os

Postgres is a powerful and free object-relational database management system. It has gained a lot of momentum since its introduction in 1995 because of its robustness and powerful features it ships with out of the box. In this article, we’ll walk through the process of installing a Postgres database on a Mac OS X machine and set it up for Ruby on Rails development.

Install Postgres Database with Homebrew

Homebrew is a popular package manager for OS X. To install Postgres with Homebrew, follow the steps below:

The first thing to do is install Homebrew if you haven’t done so already. Homebrew site has a simple command that you have to paste in your terminal to do so. Make sure to accept the command line developer tools installation if prompted.

Next, run brew install postgres to install Postgres. It might take a little while to compile and install. After compilation is done, it’ll give you some instructions to finish setting it up.

The database will be initialized during installation, so there isn’t a need to run initdb to finish installation of Postgres via Homebrew. Near the end of the installation instructions you should see mention of the command brew services.

If you don’t already have brew services installed. It may be installed withthis command:

And then you can run the following command to start Postgres as a background service:

Postgresql Gui Mac

Postgres will also restart automatically at login after you have run the command above.
Once Postgres has started, we can use brew services to stop it manually:

Or we can also use brew services to restart Postgres:

Now you should have PostgreSQL all set up.

Set Up Postgres to Work with a Rails App

First, install the pg gem:

Make sure you include the pg gem in your Gemfile, and run


Now, set up your config/database.yml file to point to your Posgres database.

Postgres Server Start Mac

Let’s create the development and test databases:

Postgresql For Mac

Now you can run pending migrations, if there are any.