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Rq for macronutrients

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Whether you’re securing products to a pallet, bundling materials like magazines or mail trays, or adding an extra layer of security to your cartons, our line of StraPack strapping machines can make your job faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.

At Interpack Systems we specialize in top-quality automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines made by StraPack, the world’s leading manufacturer of strapping equipment. StraPack machines are designed and engineered to provide unsurpassed reliability and durability. We’ve been a master distributor for StraPack since 1992 and carry parts for current strapping machine models, along with parts for most older models.

StraPack offers more than fifty different strapping machine models. Our team of experts can help you find the strapping machine to suit your specific application and budget!


These archless machines require the operator to pull the strapping around the product and insert the tip into the machine. After that the machine automatically tensions, seals and cuts the strapping. StraPack makes several models to accommodate a variety of applications.


StraPack is the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic strapping machines, and a pioneer in this industry. StraPack machines are known world-wide for their reliability and durability. A wide variety of machines is available to meet the specific requirements of a large number of industrial applications.

SQ-800, High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine

How do you replace the world’s most reliable strapping machine?
… With a better one!!!

The SQ-800 is the newest addition to the StraPack strapping machine line. It has all of the features and reliability of the RQ-8x, with many upgrades. It operates at up to 54 cycles per minute, regardless of the tension setting. The new DC power design results in improved operation while requiring fewer moving parts. The improved system for strap feeding, reversing and tensioning results in quiet operation while generating much less strap dust. Check out the other features and options that make the SQ-800 the new workhorse of the StrapPack line.

RQ-8X, Standard Automatic Strapping Machine

The RQ-8x is the most dependable strapping machine yet developed. Its innovative design has made it the most reliable general-purpose strapping machine on the market. It features easy strap loading, auto re-feed, loop ejection, lubrication free operation, and safe two-stage tensioning. The RQ-8x has been shown to have the lowest maintenance costs of any strapping machine available. A wide range of options allows the RQ-8x to be customized to meet the specific needs of your application. Reliability, 50 cycle per minute speed, ease of operation, innovative design, and low maintenance costs make the RQ-8x the most cost effective general purpose strapping machine on the market.

RQ-8Y, Side Seal Automatic Strapping Machine

The side-seal model RQ-8Y adapts easily to conveyorized packaging systems. The narrow arch will fit through a 3” gap in the conveyor, making it easy to slide the RQ-8Y out of the conveyor system when service is required. Several options are available to make it easy to integrate the RQ-8Y into an automated system. An end of cycle interlock signals the conveyor system to restart. Out of strap or cycle error signals warn that the strapping machine requires operator attention. The RQ-8Y is ideal for heavy products, since the weight of the product is supported by the conveyor. In applications where dirt and dust is a factor, the side-mounted strapping head provides protection.

RQ-8IR2, Compact Strapping Machine

The RQ-8IR2 and RQ-8IR3 machines are designed for use in direct mail, graphic arts, magazine and newspaper distribution, and laundry bundling applications. The chief difference between the two models is speed. 40 cycles per minute for the IR2 compared with 60 cycles for the IR3.

Rq For Macronutrients

With the coil located inside the machine, the RQ-8IR series machines take up a minimum of space. They run inexpensive 1/4” and 3/8” strapping, and mail trays easily fit into the 27″ wide by 16″ high arch. With the addition of a programmable photocell, the operator is free to keep both hands on the package while applying one or two straps without using a hand switch or foot pedal.

RQ-8IR3, High Speed Compact Strapping Machine

The RQ-8IR2 and RQ-8IR3 machines are designed for use in direct mail, graphic arts, magazine and newspaper distribution, and laundry bundling applications. The chief difference between the two models is speed. 40 cycles per minute for the IR2 compared with 60 cycles for the IR3.

With the coil located inside the machine, the RQ-8IR series machines take up a minimum of space. They run inexpensive 1/4” and 3/8” strapping, and mail trays easily fit into the 27″ wide by 16″ high arch. With the addition of a programmable photocell, the operator is free to keep both hands on the package while applying one or two straps without using a hand switch or foot pedal.

RQ-8000, High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine

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The RQ-8000 represents the next evolution of the RQ-8 series, StraPack’s most popular and longest selling machine design. The RQ-8000 offers higher strapping speed (over 60 cycles per minute), along with an integrated foot bar, five position height adjustment and a built-in cycle counter. This model retains all of the popular features of the original RQ-8: automatic strap loading, auto re-feed, lubrication free operation, fast heater warm-up, loop ejection and a wide range of operator-selectable strapping tension settings with safe two-stage tension.

RQ-7000, Space Efficient Automatic Strapping Machine

The high-speed sealing head can strap up to 70 bundles per minute without sacrificing strap tension.The space-efficient dispenser design simply slides out from inside the body cabinet, making strap coil loading easy and minimizing the space needed for the machine. The reel rotation is stopped by an electromagnetic brake instead of the standard mechanical brake. When the strap coil runs out, the machine will automatically eject any remaining strap from inside the machine saving the operator the time and hassle of clearing out the strap by hand.

RQ-8A, Fully Automated w/Conveyor Table Top

The RQ-8A is available in several tabletop belt configurations to match various package sizes. A roller conveyor version is also available. The conveyor speed is variable, up to 98 feet per minute on standard machine, and as an option, up to 132 feet per minute. An inverter system makes the conveyor speed easily adjustable. The standard RQ-8A allows the selection of 0, 1 or 2 straps. Optional automation packages are available to provide a variety of automatic strap placements. The standard RQ-8A also features self-correcting technologies vital in fully automatic applications, such as automatic re-feed, loop ejection, and an integrated, self-diagnostic monitoring system. When the application depends on reliable operation and low maintenance, the RQ-8A is a perfect choice.

RQ-7000M, Stainless Steel Automatic Strapping Machine for Harsh Environments

The moisture-resistant RQ-7000M boasts an advanced high-speed sealing head along with the durability of the AQ-7M, and most of the features of StraPack’s best-selling automatic machine, the RQ-8X, such as strap self-loading, re-feed and loop ejection. The RQ-7000M is capable of 50 cycles per minute, which is makes it one of the fastest machines of its kind. Permanently lubricated mechanisms, side-seal design, and body parts made of stainless steel make the RQ-7000M the ideal machine for harsh environments such as fish, meat, and poultry packing. Fully automatic configurations are available.

Rq for macronutrients

RQ-8CR/FR, Fully Automatic With Roller Conveyor And Pneumatic Compression For Corrugated Bundling

The reliability, speed, ease of operation and low maintenance costs of the RQ-8 Series strapping machines are now available on a bundling machine designed specifically for the corrugated industry. The RQ-8CR/FR features high cycle speed, easy strap loading, auto re-feed, loop ejection, lubrication-free operation and safe two-stage tensioning. It incorporates a 65” wide x 20” high arch, top compression, a driven roller conveyor table and runs 1/4” strap to meet the requirements of corrugated container production. For production settings with high output requirements, the RQ-CR/FR is also available with a dual strap dispenser and automatic strap transfer system, as pictured above. This system is designed to prevent costly production stoppages due to strap coil changes.

RQ-8YAO, Side Seal Automatic Palletizing Machine With Pallet Void Feeder

The StraPack RQ-8YAO is an automatic, side seal strapping machine that straps palletized products using polypropylene or polyester strapping. The RQ-8YAO operates as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into a packaging line. The arch sword penetrates the pallet void and straps the product to the pallet. It features the RQ-8 strapping head with a DC drive torque tension mechanism that maintains consistent, high tension up to 225 lbs. Fast, consistent, precise, and repeatable strap feeding avoids jams and increases up-time. Also, the strap festooning system maintains even strap tension during the reversing cycle, a useful feature on large arch machines.

AQ-7, Economical 220 Volt, 3 Phase Strapping Machine

The AQ-7 is an economical version of the RQ-8x strapping machine. It can be ordered for strap widths from 1/4” to 5/8”. The AQ-7 features the same lubrication free operation as the standard RQ-8x. The arch flap design assures perfect strap placement and alignment. Consistent tension is applied with a reliable tension arm system. Using cost efficient 3-phase power, the motors operate only when necessary. Capable of 27 straps per minute, the AQ-7 offers proven reliability and durability at an affordable price.

JK-5000, Economy Model Automatic Strapping Machine

Designed for moderate-duty applications, the JK-5000 is StraPack’s most inexpensive arch-type strapping machine. Although low in cost, it can achieve up to 37 cycles per minute. It operates on 110 volt power and can be easily adjusted for strap widths from 1/4” to 5/8”. It also features automatic strap re-feed and loop ejection, along with a self diagnostic microprocessor which continuously monitors electrical functions.


The innovative IQ-400 is amazingly quiet, and runs only when activated. This makes it ideal for office use. In addition, its heavy duty design makes it ideal for demanding industrial and commercial operations. Fewer moving parts and a simple sealing head design assure ease of maintenance and low cost of operation. Two tension modes make the IQ-400 ideal for a wide variety of strapping applications.


The innovative JK-2P is based on Strapack’s most rugged and durable semi-automatic strapping machine. Interpack has converted the standard, all-electric, JK-2 to operate on air pressure and electrical current from a 12 volt DC battery. The JK-2P is designed to be used in locations where 110 volt AC electric power is not available.

The JK-2P comes with the same features and reliability as the standard JK-2. It also carries the same six month parts and workmanship warranty.

D-53X2, Standard Semi-automatic Strapping Machine

Utilizing two DC direct drives, which operate only on demand, the D-53X2 is faster and more reliable than its predecessors. The microprocessor has been upgraded to improve tension control. Tension is applied with a knurled steel wheel, which allows the application of high tension without scuffing the strapping. Tension is easily adjusted from 4.4 lbs to 88 lbs, allowing the D-53X2 to cover a wide range of applications.

D-53PLT2, Portable Pallet Strapper

The D-53PLT2 is designed to economically and quickly strap a variety of pallets, using polypropylene strapping up to 450 pounds in breaking strength. The D-53PLT2 can cut the time it takes to strap pallets by up to 2/3, when compared to using hand tools. Its simple operation entails pushing the track through the pallet void, pressing a button to feed the strap, then inserting the tip of the strap into the machine. Within 2 seconds the strap operation is completed. The D-53PLT2’s unique design enables it to strap pallets less than 15” high. The strap track is retractable by using a hand-crank. The track height can be set to a high or low position, to accommodate the type of the pallet or size of its void. To insert edge protection, there is a manual strap reversing mode.

The D-53PLT2 is available in two models – one using a 110 volt power cord and another powered by a rechargeable 12 volt battery.


D-53M2 employs the same strapping head design as the top-of-the-line D-53X2. However, the internal components are made of stainless steel, brass, and steel with a rust resistant coating, and are positioned vertically. The body is primarily constructed from stainless steel. The strapping dispenser is located on top of the machine for protection from wet environments. The D-53M2 is the perfect machine for moderate volume, or off line, applications in the meat, poultry, and seafood industries.

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Ra For Mac

The AQ-7PLT is a heavy-duty semi-automatic pallet strapping machine for use with polyester strapping. Polyester is a stronger material than polypropylene, and ideal for heavy loads. Polypropylene strap can also be used without changing any parts. The sealing point is only 12 ¾” from the floor, so even low pallets can be strapped. Tension can be adjusted up to 155 lbs. The dispenser takes standard 16 x 6 coils. Heavy-duty metal casters allow the AQ-7PLT to be quickly moved and installed in a new location. It plugs into any standard 120 VAC outlet. The strap feeding bayonet folds up for easy and safe storage.


Rq Maceio

The D-53HE2 is designed to apply horizontal straps to palletized goods and Gaylord boxes where automated equipment is too expensive, and hand tools or buckles are too time-consuming and cumbersome. The strapping height is quickly adjusted through the counterbalanced sealing mechanism that moves smoothly and effortlessly to the desired strap location. The innovative pendant switch allows operation of the machine from either side of the load while enabling the operator to control the feeding, tensioning, and sealing of the strap with one hand. Operator control makes positioning of the strap and/or the placement of corner protection an easy task. The D-53HE2 is an ergonomic and inexpensive solution to the labor intensive placement of horizontal straps. A battery operated version is available.


The D-53RS is a side-seal version of the D-53 especially designed to strap donut-shaped bundles such as tires, wires, tubes and hoses. The two supporting bars rotate, making it easy to position the bundle with little effort. The strap feeding buttons are located on the both sides of the machine to enable easy operation from either side.