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Inside Mac Games
Mac gaming news site
OwnerTuncer Deniz
Created byTuncer Deniz
Alexa rank 318,012 (April 2014)[1]
Launched1993 (as a magazine)
Current statusonline

Inside Mac Games, or IMG for short, is a website dedicated to Apple Macintoshcomputer gaming. Founded in 1993, Inside Mac Games has transitioned from an electronic magazine into a web-only publication. It is operated by Tuncer Deniz.


The website began as a downloadable magazine at AOL, with authors from AOL's Mac Games forum. The first issue was published February 1993, featuring a preview of Graphic Simulations' F/A-18 Hornet 1.0. The newsletter soon turned to distribution via floppy disk, and in 1995 via CD-ROM, which enabled on-disc extras.

In 1996, Deniz left IMG to work for Bungie for nearly four years as a producer for titles such as Marathon 2: Durandal for Windows, Abuse, Weekend Warrior, and Marathon Infinity, and a project leader for Myth II: Soulblighter. In 1999, Deniz returned to take the helm of IMG, which was now a website. In 2000, the CD-ROM distribution of the newsletter was dropped, although an occasional games CD-ROM is distributed to subscribers.

From 2005 to 2006,[2] IMG produced a weekly podcast, hosted by game designers Justin Ficarrotta and Will Miller, and critic Blake Buck. The podcast focussed on Mac game news, reviews and general discussion between the hosts. After 33 episodes, the original hosts left to start a new podcast.[3] The original show was relaunched later the same year with a new host,[4] where it ran for a further 38 episodes.

About IMG[edit]

IMG is a well read website on video games developed for Apple Mac computers. Deniz's relationships in the gaming business garners interview articles with industry insiders, such as a long-running interview series with Glenda Adams, who was the director of development at Aspyr. The front portal page is a news site with good traffic, and the user forums are active with over 10,400 members and over 250,000 posts as of June 2011.[citation needed]

IMG's sibling sites include:

  • Mac Game Files (MGF), a game-related download site;
  • Mac Game Store, an online store for Macintosh games;
  • Mac Games Arcade, an online digital distribution system for Mac games;
  • Inside PS2 Games (defunct) a PlayStation 2 outlet[5]

Inside Mac Games was included as one Safari's default bookmarks, but was dropped from the release of Safari 3.[citation needed]

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External links[edit]

  • Mac Game Store - Sister site to IMG. Online games retailer.
  • Mac Game Files - Sister site to IMG. Games-related downloads.
  • Mac Games Arcade - Sister site to IMG. Games digital distribution.

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