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Task management for mac os x 10.13
  1. Something's causing my Mac to bottleneck on startup and on wake. I'm curious if I can isolate this by leaving a monitor program running so I can see what's eating up the CPU. How can I check CPU usage like Task Manager on Windows allows?
  2. Sadly, there’s no direct shortcut to open the Task Manager on a Mac. However, you can use a shortcut to force quit applications, which is one of the things the Task Manager in Windows is capable of. Press the ⌘-Option-Esc shortcut on your Mac to bring up the Force Quit utility.

What To Do is an application for task management supported by Mac OS X. It conveniently integrates and organizes all your projects effortlessly the way you like. Unlike other task management applications, it helps the user to create projects and sub-projects effortlessly.

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Your full breakdown on Mac’s Task Manager and how to use it.

When changing from Windows operating system (OS) to Apple’s Mac OS X, you may feel strange with the new platform and features. Changing settings will often feel completely foreign on this new operating system.

One of the biggest learning curves in switching from Windows to a new Mac computer is learning how to end a task with the help of the Mac equivalent of Windows Task Manager. In Windows OS, it’s very easy to stop a running process by opening Task Manager and select “End Process”.

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Task Management For Mac Os X 10.13

Mac also has a Task Manager application but with a different name: Activity Monitor.

Features of Activity Monitor application are very similar to the Task Manager in Windows. On top of ending any active processes, you can also:

  • Monitor CPU usage to see the percentage of CPU capacity that each application takes up
  • View the energy impact of each application
  • See the total disk activity used by each active process on your computer
  • View network usage for each application
  • View the memory usage for each running application
  • See an overview of all cached content that has been uploaded, downloaded, or dropped on your computer

You can easy to view, manage and close any active processes that are running in Mac OS X. Within Task Manager, you can also view CPU

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How To Open Task Manager Mac

Running Task Manager in Windows is easy. Simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del, Ctrl + Shift + Escape, or right-click on the menu bar and select “Start Task Manager.”

Running Activity Monitor in Mac OS X works a little differently. You can open Activity Monitor by opening up Finder, going to Applications > Utilities and then select “Activity Monitor” application.

Simplest Way To Open The Mac Task Manager

There is another way that could help you to open “Activity Monitor” program easier and quicker.

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Simply press Command + Space key to launch Spotlight search field.

Type “Activity Monitor” in the search field and press “Enter” or “Return.”

Use Spotlight to open Activity Monitor: a Mac Task Manager

The Activity Monitor is a powerful Task Manager application as it’s not only displaying running applications under user-level but also shows running applications under system-level or kernel level and a few other processes.

If a program is running in your Mac computer, you can find it with Activity Monitor (Mac Task Manager or Task Manager Mac), never miss any tasks.


It allows you to sort processes by ID, name and memory usage. Also, you can search for a specific process that matches characters or names.

The Activity Monitor application can also use to force quit Mac apps when they are unresponsive. To doing so, select the application you want to force-to-close from the list in Activity Monitor and then click the (X) icon at the top-left corner and choose “Force Quit.” The selected application will be terminated immediately.

You can also use Force Quit Application to close any unresponsive apps by pressing the key combination: Command + Option + Esc to bring up Force Quit Application. Next, choose the application you want to close and click on “Force Quit.”

Have any questions about Activity Monitor application?

The key to perfect task management is astute planning and timely execution. Many a time, we fail to get the desired result due to either lack of structured formation or wrongly implementation of the planning. If you wish to handle your to-dos immaculately and derive the required result painlessly, you need to have the best task management apps for Mac.

#1. Microsoft OneNote

As far as functionality is concerned, I put “Microsoft OneNote” right on top with the best in the business. Creating and managing tasks, to-dos, and notes is a breeze with this feature-rich app.

You can also add pictures, your PowerPoint doc or PDF, links, and web articles to your notes. Ideally, organize your notes to meet your workflow.
Tag your tasks to access them with ease and track all the things that matter a lot to you. It lets you sync your files with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.

Price: Free

#2. nTask

nTask has done all the research on how to build a killer task management app. And for this reason, a single app brings all the cool features of different tools in one app. The developers have paid enough attention to its aesthetics to create an appealing task management software.

A flexible app on your Mac, you can quickly make checklists, collaborate with teams, arrange meetings, share files, and presents up-to-date Gantt Charts.

As a team leader, you can easily assign tasks and track those tasks from your desk. Integration with Slack is a notable feature of nTask. Another noteworthy feature is cloud integration.

Price: $3.99 per user, per month

#3. Things 3

“Things 3” has always appealed me as a top-notch task manager. With this app, you can create a project for each of your goals and add the required steps to accomplish them.

You will be able to group your projects by areas of responsibility like “Family”, “Work”, or “Health”. Keep track of all of your goals so that you stay at the pace. View your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time appropriately.

The app lets you create repeating to-dos for things you do more often. As it works with all the major features like Touch Bar, Today Widget, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Share Extension, Handoff, and AppleScript, you will always be in complete control of your tasks.

And yes, the support for several languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese further enhances the reputation of Things 3.

Price: $49.99

#4. Clear

Clear is dead simple and makes task management a painless experience! You can make separate lists to keep everything fully organized. Use various themes and tools to customize your lists.

How To Update Mac Os X

To ensure you don’t fail to carry out any necessary thing in time, set reminders. Even better, you can take the full advantage of iCloud integration to sync your data across macOS and iOS devices.

Price: $9.99
Download Clear

#5. OmniFocus 3

“OmniFocus 3” provides you the desired flexibility to deal with all of your impending tasks. Hence, you can do more with less stress!

The app lets you keep all of your to-dos in one list, or you can use as multiple folders, projects, groups, and actions put everything in the right order.

You can select a fluid view that shows and hides fields or go for Custom Columns for scannable, tabular lists. Use the forecast perspective to check out your due items for each day alongside events from your calendar.

What’s more, OmniFocus 3 is compatible with multiple international languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, etc.

Price: $39.99

#6. Todoist

What I have found really appreciable in Todoist is the neat user-interface, which is primed for hassle-free task management. With this app, you can perfectly manage your tasks, sub-tasks, projects, and sub-projects.

Task Management In Mac Os X

Task Management For Mac Os X

Based on your need, you will be able to prioritize your tasks for the day or week ahead. You can keep an eye the deadlines with due dates and recurring dates.

Another notable feature of this app is the compatibility with multiple platforms including iOS, macOS, Android and more. Furthermore, Todoist is integrated with several major services like Google Drive, Cloud Magic, Sunrise Calendar, Toggl, IFTTT, and Zapier.

Price: Free

#7. Evernote

“Evernote” helps you stay organized by keeping all of your to-dos, notes or tasks in the perfect order. You can take notes, create to-do lists, and also save things you find online to catch up with them at your own pace.

You will be able to take notes in a wide range of formats like text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings, etc. Create personal checklists to never forget any necessary things.

Take the advantage of various tools to create agendas, write memos and prepare sensational presentations. You can also annotate documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings. Sync all of your data across your devices to keep them secure and easily accessible.

Price: Free

#8. Simplenote

The thing that has made me want “Simplenote” is the range of easy-to-use features. If you don’t want to go for an expensive task manager but still wish to use a highly-user friendly app to assist you in getting your work done with the needed efficiency, you should keep it in consideration.

The app lets you effortlessly create notes, tasks, and to-dos. You can put all of your tasks in the perfect order and be able to track them. Furthermore, Simplenote lets you synchronize with the cloud to access them from any of your devices.

Price: Free

#9. Any.do

“Any.do” provides a more streamlined user experience. Creating and managing task is quite upfront. The app comes with a clean UI that allows you to comfortably view and track your notes and tasks.


You can print, export and share your lists with friends. Sync your files with cloud services to keep them safe.

Though Any.do to-do is available for free, you can upgrade to the premium version to have unlimited access to all the important features like themes, files, and collaboration for $2.99 a month or $26.99 a year through.

Task Management Software Mac Os X

Price: Free

#10. GoodTask 3

GoodTask 3 is a fully featured task or project manager for Mac. The app syncs with the default Reminders and Calendars to let you manage them with ease.

You can quickly edit your tasks thanks to the bulk editing and deleting features. You will be able to duplicate, change due dates, and add tags to easily access any tasks.

The dark theme lets you comfortably use the app at night. And with Today widget support, you can keep track of your tasks more conveniently.

Price: $19.99

That’s all for now!

Your favorite task manager?

With the availability of so many impressive options, choosing one is not an easy task. However, you can go with a particular one keeping in mind your requirement. Have any of these task managers won you over? Let us know about them in the comments.

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