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The Mac mini just became better value for money, with Apple quietly doubling the standard storage in its smallest desktop computer. While most of the big Mac attention has been paid to the potent Mac Pro over the past twelve months, Apple’s powerhouse is out of reach of the average user. That’s why improving the value proposition for the Mac mini is arguably far more important.

Samsung Portable SSD X5. Samsung Portable X5 SSD is the best Thunderbolt 3 solid-state drive for. Turn your Mac or Windows laptop into a powerful work station, using the power and speed of Thunderbolt 3. This compact dock connects to your computer via a single tethered cable. Dual HDMI 4K ports at 60Hz allow you to connect two 4K monitors to your laptop, to experience fast, high definition visuals across multiple screens. Tempo SSD Pro is ideal for use in Sonnet's Echo™ Express Pro Thunderbolt™ Expansion Chassis for PCIe Cards or the xMac™ mini Server PCIe 2.0 expansion system/1U rackmount enclosure for Mac mini with Thunderbolt ports—the combo enables you to add high-speed SSDs to iMac®, Mac® mini, MacBook® Air, and MacBook Pro computers! My model of Mac mini has four USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire 800 port, and Thunderbolt. An SSD connected over Thunderbolt seemed like overkill, and I was already powering one display with the built. I recently bought a Mac Mini to replace my aging MacBook Pro and bought this external drive to supplement the limited solid state drive space in the Mini. I already had a 256GB solid state internal drive that I placed in a usb 3 enclosure to use for storing photos but thought that the thunderbolt drive would be faster than the usb 3 drive I.

Despite that, Apple’s Mac mini changes for early 2020 only warranted a footnote in the new MacBook Air announcement. Just as the updated ultraportable notebook now doubles up its minimum storage – going from 128GB to 256GB in the $999 version of the macOS laptop – so too the Mac mini is getting a storage bump.

The $799 Mac mini now comes with 256GB of storage as standard, twice what the old desktop was packing. Step up to the $1,099 version, and you’ll find your Mac mini now has 512GB inside, rather than 256GB. There are bigger options if you open your wallet a little more, of course.

Thunderbolt 1 Ssd

At the top end, all configurations of Mac mini can be had with up to 2TB of SSD storage. That will set you back at least $1,599, the 2TB option being a $800 upgrade on the entry-level computer.


More storage, but the same CPUs

It’s worth noting that, while Apple may have changed the Mac mini’s storage, it hasn’t done the same for the diminutive desktop’s processors. They’re still the same 8th generation Intel CPUs. The entry-level model gets a 3.6GHz quad-core Core i3, while there’s a 6-core Core i7 available as an upgrade.

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The reality is that, while the new MacBook Air switches to 10th generation Intel silicon, that family of chips aren’t ready with versions suitable for the Mac mini quite yet. Apple skipped the 9th gen chips, and is seemingly holding out for the 10th gen to be available.

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Right now, however, the only 10th gen Core chips Intel has on the market are designed for mobile, not desktop. We’re expecting that to change later in 2020, and maybe Apple will even see fit to give us a Mac Pro mini at that point.

Mac Mini Thunderbolt 3

Despite the only partial upgrade, it’s tough to argue with the value proposition of the Mac mini. If there’s a reason to hold off and wait out a bigger update, it might be graphics. The Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU inside the current machine tops out at supporting a single 5120 x 2880 display via Thunderbolt 3. In contrast, the Intel Iris Plus Graphics in the updated MacBook Air can drive a single 6K display at 6016 x 3384 resolution.