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If you have a Time capsule, some entries will have 'Time Capsule'appearing as in them, but they are not the only entries related backups. The workhorse of the actual backup is something called the backup daemon - appearing as 'backupd' in the log file. You can search the log for relevant entries and see if there are any clues. For questions, please contact Fairbanks Client Information Center: (888) 321-1225 or [email protected] For ICF/ID, HCS/TxHmL and CPC questions, please contact: (877) 354-3831.

Time tracking software to log time on customer projects

HourGuard makes it easy to track work hours with its simple-to-use interface. Click Start when you begin work, and Stop when you finish—the time tracking software does the rest for you, generating time sheets and even creating invoices for you.

Download HourGuard Timesheet Software for Windows

Free yourself to focus on work without worrying about logging your hours, and enjoy the flexibility to review your achievements after the fact. With detailed reports of the hours spent on designated tasks and sub-tasks, you’ll have a window into your workday that quietly runs in the background until you need it.

HourGuard is ideal for freelancers and professionals who bill by the hour. HourGuard Time Sheet Software works seamlessly with Express Invoice Invoicing Software to convert your time log into an invoice. It makes the time tracking and billing process easy.

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Time Logging Features
  • Start and stop timing with the push of a button
  • Control tasks by marking them active, complete, or closed
  • Manually enter work done away from the computer for a comprehensive work overview
  • Organize time entries breaking projects down into sub-tasks
  • Time recording can be started automatically when your computer becomes active
  • Save, print, and email timesheets and reports
  • Create invoices to bill based on hours logged
  • Runs in the background without interfering with your normal day to day tasks
  • Easy to use interface makes timing your tasks a breeze

Timekeeper Features
System Requirements
Download NowDesktop
- for Windows
Log- for Mac
- for Android
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