Xerox Universal Print Driver For Mac

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  1. Xerox Universal Print Driver
  2. Xerox Universal Print Driver For Mac Catalina


  1. Xerox Printer Drivers v4.1 OS X. This update installs the latest software for your Xerox printer or scanner. For information about printing and scanning software.
  2. Xerox ® Smart Start printer installer helps users get printing and scanning as quickly as possible. Ideal for users who do not know what driver to install, Xerox Smart Start will get you up and running without hassle! Download Xerox Smart Start. Xerox Smart Start User Guide (PDF) Key Features.

Xerox Universal Print Driver

Driver per Xerox 2230ij. Vista Check Render print jobs on xerox 2230ij computers. Otherwise, click Add Port Apart xerox 2230ij the advertizing message, the output you see from WinLINE in evaluation xeroc is complete and equivalent to what the fully licensed product produces. Follow the instructions below for the type of installation you require.

Xerox Universal Print Driver For Mac Catalina

You can download and install the latest drivers from Xerox Drivers.

  1. Type in 7435 in the search window and click Drivers & Downloads or follow this link to the Built in Controller for the Xerox WorkCentre 7435.
  2. Select your Operating System from the drop down list and click on the appropriate link.
    e.g. Mac OS X Universal Binary Print Driver
  3. Accept the license terms
  4. Save the file
  5. Mount the WC7425_7428_7435.dmg Image
  6. Launch the installer by double clicking on the contain installer
  7. Continue through the installation steps
    1. On Select Printer step, click on Manually enter the printer's name or address (the right button)
    2. Enter the MIT hostname of the printer
      e.g. XRX2.MIT.EDU
    3. You should see the information about the printer displayed below. Click Continue
    4. Click OK to add queue
    5. uncheck Print a test page as we'll do that after we configure the default settings
    6. Click Continue and then Close

Now the printer is installed and we need to setup the default printing configurations of:

  • Black & White
  • Duplex
  1. Launch an application, preferably not your browser, that you can print from, e.g. Microsoft Word
  2. Select File -> Print
    1. Select Xerox Features where it says Copies & Pages
    2. Change 2-Sided Printing to 2-Sided Print
    3. Select Color Options from the drop down labeled Paper/Output
    4. Select Black and White (Black and white printing on the Xerox 7435 cost less than 2 cents compared to 8 cents per page for color)
    5. On the Presets drop down, select Save As and enter a name, e.g. Eco Printing
      if you print to multiple printers, check the Presets Available For:All Printers
    6. Click OK to save this preset

Now you can test printing by clicking Ok to the print dialog.